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We provide premium headshot photography for:

Executives, Lawyers, Accountants, Construction Companies, Models, Professional Groups, Musicians, Performers, IT Professionals, LinkedIn Headshots, and more!



Our Services

Do you need to update your headshot? Is your current one a selfie, taken 10 years ago, or a cropped photo from a wedding? If this sounds like you, then you've found the right place!


We know that professional headshots are vital to succeeding in your career. Your professional headshot will impress your clients and employers. Your headshot makes an important first impression so lets make it stunning! It is our mission to make sure you feel confident with your new professional headshot. 


Individual headshots starting at just $75 per person 

Group rates starting at just $40 per person


The Location


Studio Headshots

These shots can be taken at a physical studio or the studio environment can be created in your business space. The backgrounds for this are usually white, grey, black, or blue. 


On Location Portraits

These shots give a nice look at what the company feels like inside. They tell a story about the brand and location of the company. 


Outdoor Headshots

These headshots are taken outdoors which provides a really relaxing feeling to the client or future employer. These can be done using natural light and green or woodland surroundings. The natural light is very pleasing to the skin tones. 


Emily Arndt Media is an incredible photography and videography company based in Utah. We serve and provide photography and videography for weddings, corporate events, businesses, and families.

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