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Most Recent Wedding

Chelsie + Jacob

Who wouldn't want to find their soulmate the day they came home from a year and a half mission? I LOVED hearing Chelsie and Jacobs wedding story. So here is how they met.... They met first serving an LDS mission together in Singapore. They vaguely knew of each other. Jacob had been home from his mission for 6 months before Chelsie came home. The day that she came home she attended a temple session in Salt Lake, guess who was there? You guessed it! JACOB. She said hi to him there and invited him to her homecoming. Of course after her homecoming he had to ask her out! She is a cutie! So they went on date after date and have been glued together at the hip from then on. 

I loved this Bridal session with them, it was hot and there were huge flies, but that didn't stop us :)

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